Coworking during Lockdown

Some weeks ago we decided to close down our Cafés to take responsibility for this situation – for you, for us and for our future. 🖤
As we‘ve been seeing positive progress we‘ve decided to slowly come back and re-open our Café at Zehdenicker Straße and at Rosenthaler Platz

The rules remain the same:

– Only cashless payment
– 1,5M distance
– Good mood by us for you 🙂


We offer our members to work at Zehdenicker Straße 1 or B-Part where we have plenty of space, 24/7 access and electronic locks. In case your current membership doesn’t include these locations, just send an email to and you’ll get a free upgrade. Members at Zehdenicker Straße can also use conference rooms THE VOID (ground floor) and LEM (4th floor) for free. B-Part Members can enter the Fixed Desk Area upstairs. All teams can still access and use their Private Offices as usual.

For those of you who have a Private Office or Virtual Office, please pick up your letters and parcels at the café but please bring some verification or ID.


Now that we can’t have a chat in the coffee queue, we switched to digital services: Join our St. Oberholz Members Slack Workspace to keep up with the community!